The following people are involved with dist-bugs. This isn't everybody, others lurk on the mailing list. :-)

Feel free to add a page for yourself, and if you need a place to post dist-bugs related stuff, you can put it in a SubPage of your page.

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Developer of TicGit-ng.
My Github Page

Posted Sat May 7 07:52:59 2011

Author of and its issue tracker.

Posted Sat Jan 10 10:46:07 2009

Ben Finney

Intending to package Bugs Everywhere for Debian.

Posted Mon Jul 21 02:02:55 2008

Developer of Debbugs, Debian's bug tracking system

Posted Fri Jul 11 05:35:50 2008

Coauthor of Prophet and SD

Posted Wed Jul 9 13:21:11 2008

My sites:

I track this site with the following feed:

Posted Wed Jul 9 10:03:01 2008 I've been looking at my workflow when interacting with Debian's BTS and starting to explore various upstream trackers. I'm curious to see how distributed bug tracking might pan out.

Posted Wed Jul 9 09:09:52 2008

"bartman" on oftc and freenode.

A few months back I had a big surge of interest in distributed bug tracking. Along with two friends we brainstormed together a plan, and started hacking on git-case. Since then the excitement died off a bit. :(

Posted Tue Jul 8 22:31:16 2008

I am interested in everything mentioned on the index.

Specifically, right now, I'm thinking about very, very distributed bug tracking. The kind that isn't confined to a single bug tracking system, or version control system, or anything, but is built from the ground up on the 'net, using technologies like microformats and rss feeds.

Posted Tue Jul 8 16:30:43 2008