Awesome work on this! Sounds like you are quite a bit further than I am w/ 'Stick'. I'll have to give this a try some time.

Perhaps extra features such as flagging commits as related to the task at hand (rather than just good/bad).

Just wondering, have you figured out what would happen if something like a rebase happened and references changed?

I didn't gather it from the function docs... but is 'state' managed where you are in the tree... or is it completely disconnected from the commit-list? For example: Bug A exists at 1, Bug A is fixed at 2, user is in branch based off of 1 (or at 1), user checks status of bug A... would it know that it hasn't seen the fix at 2, or would it see that Bug A has a state of 'fixed' in a global sense?

~ ?harningt